Commercial Grade Caustic Soda Suitable for Professional Kitchens


Total Caustic Soda Pearl - 5kg
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Total Caustic Soda Pearl - 15kg
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Total Caustic Soda Pearl - 20kg
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Total Caustic Soda Pearl - 25kg
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Welcome to Caustic Soda Direct

We're a one stop shop for caustic soda in the UK delivered direct to your business. Caustic Soda is an essential cleaning chemical which can be used for a wide variety of purposes from disinfecting to decreasing to drain cleaner.

A staple in professional kitchens and the food and drink production industry, we dispatch caustic soda same day for delivery on the next working day*

Total Caustic Soda Pearl from Caustic Soda Direct

A High quality, high spec Caustic Soda supplied by one of Europe's leading manufacturers. Also known as Lye or Sodium Hydroxide

  • For use in the food and beverage industries
  • Supplied in powdered/granular form.
  • Dilutes to form caustic solution.

Caustic soda is a powerful alkali suitable for a wide range of job in across multiple industries. The liquid solution is fantastic at removing grease making it ideal for cleaning greasy glass and stainless steel sinks and bake ware as well as vats and tanks. Caustic soda can also be used to unblock drains and clean ovens for a range of other cleaning tasks.

Available in a 5kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg tub, our caustic soda comes in a pearl or granular state which can be used neat or dissolved in water depending on the nature of the task.

Our caustic soda is supplied in durable plastic containers for easy transportation and storage

Here at Caustic Soda Direct we are very pleased with customer feedback regarding our caustic soda. It continues to be one of our best sellers and is among the most successful products in terms of repeat orders. The durable 25kg containers are easy to store and transport and are far safer than the bags in which other manufactures usually supply caustic soda. We understand that great care must be taken with caustic soda so our high capacity plastic tubs really are the best option.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Keep in mind that Artemis offer a very reliable delivery service with over 90% of orders placed before 1 pm arriving next working day. If you are a company that depends on always having caustic soda available such as a professional kitchen or cleaning company you can rely on Artemis to ensure you're always ready for the next job

Total Caustic Soda™ is always available at unbeatable prices and delivered UK wide from Artemis Cleaning Products. All of our Total Chemicals™ products are available to buy in bulk no matter the size of your organisation so why not place your order today?